Only 1% of the world’s cotton is grown in Egypt

Why Egyptian Cotton™ is the best? What is Egyptian Cotton™?

 Egyptian cotton is acknowledged as the best quality, long staple cotton in the world.


Lightweight, durable and outstandingly soft, Egyptian Cotton™ ticks all the boxes for you.

As the highest quality cotton available anywhere in the world, it is the obvious choice for infusing your home or hotel with high class sophistication and elegance. In the end, it’s your experience, your feeling and your touch, so why not indulge?


Thanks to the unique climate of the fertile River Nile delta, Egyptian Cotton™ has evolved to have extraordinary qualities.

Under perfect conditions it has developed a longer fibre staple. With extra length comes greater durability and higher quality. Egyptian Cotton™ will last you a lifetime. The finer yarn means that your cotton is gloriously soft to the touch, and it only gets more luxurious as the thread count increases. Snuggle up, get comfy and know that this feeling can last forever. It’s why Egyptian Cotton™ is the best.


Egyptian Cotton™ is so superior because of the unique climate in Egypt. It is the country's most important agriculture export.


Long-lasting softness

For a cotton that truly lasts, Egyptian Cotton™ delivers every time.

It might surprise you to know that all Egyptian Cotton™ is delicately hand picked. This process puts less stress on the fibre than using large machinery. It’s the only way to make sure that the cotton keeps its exquisite softness, and incomparable strength. We think that the extra time and effort is certainly worth it to ensure you receive a sumptuous cotton that you’ll love for years to come.



For a material that is bold and bright or subtly elegant, Egyptian Cotton™ delivers time and time again.

The superior absorbency of Egyptian Cotton™ allows it to hold a dye like no other cotton. Its amazing ability to absorb liquid means that it holds deeper colours with a resilient vibrancy. Egyptian Cotton™ absorbs moisture so well that colour remains bright instead of faded and washed out, proving why Egyptian Cotton™ is the most resilient cotton. You should feel confident in buying the boldest item on the shelf

Extraordinary Softness

Egyptian Cotton™ has a plush softness that can only be rivalled by pure silk. That’s why Egyptian Cotton™ is the best in the world. Available in every shade imaginable, Egyptian Cotton™ stays vibrant after multiple washes, year after year. For enduring quality that gives you endless pleasure, it has to be Egyptian Cotton™.



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